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Welcome to Aria! An aria, as defined by Webster, is "an accompanied elaborate melody sung by a single voice." It is also "a striking solo performance." Thus, the title for our newsletter. Here, we celebrate the individual voices of our residents, the elaborate melodies of their lives and their striking performance in everyday life. 

Our residents each have their own voice, and we provide the accompaniment. We design our activities to allow each resident to express themselves in their own unique ways. This may be through poetry, crafting or art, but we also encourage conversation, spiritual expression, or a favorite sport. We strive to provide a variety of daily activities to not just stimulate, but challenge, intellectual and physical well being. 

Just as we accompany our residents in singing their own aria, we realize that we are not the only members of the orchestra. In addition to helping our residents sing their own song, we will also be providing support to their families and friends. We will be providing support groups, information seminars and will have a selection of resource materials available to assist with understanding, acceptance and caregiver support. 

Just as the orchestra provides the background for the soloist, the soloist enhances the orchestra's performance. As we learn about our residents and their families, we will add new activities and change or modify others. Resident and family feedback will let us know if we are on the right track! If you have an idea for a game, activity, hobby or outing, please let us know. We also invite families to share their talents. If you paint, cook, bake, sew, knit, sing or just like to have fun, please join us. 

William Shakespeare wrote, "If music be the food of love, .. play on." We will continue to play and the song will continue to be sung and we will all enjoy the striking performance! 
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